Yes. Under Texas Penal Code 47.04, poker rooms can operate legally so long as they use the social club business model and don’t take rake out of pots.

$10 for one day, $30 for an entire month, and $300 for the full year.

1 Hour | $12

5 Hours | $55

10 Hours | $100

Amarillo Social Club requires all individuals to first become club members and/or verify their existing membership at the lobby. Once a member, before entering the club, members must check in at the front lobby which allows members access to the club and all amenities/activities. We utilize Poker Atlas as our member platform and issue players’ cards to each member. For Cash Games, prepaid time is purchased by members and loaded onto their account. When a player enters a Cash Game they present their players card to the dealer and are “clocked in” at the table. When a cash game player is finished for the day, the dealer will clock them out. The Poker Atlas platform is accurate to the minute and is the most state of the art system in Texas poker rooms. 

For Tournaments we charge a flat tournament access fee that varies per tournament. There are NO hourly fees assessed based on the amount of time seated in a tournament. This setup is most similar to greens fees assessed at a private golf club.

Simply bring your ID in and pay the required fee. 

We are open 7 days a week 1 PM to 2 AM.

We open any cash game once five players have signed up for play. Sign ups can be done on Poker Atlas , or in person.